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Pfaff Inspira Ball Point size 90 5pk

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Low in-store inventory, may be subject to change.

Singer, Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff all recommend the use of only genuine Inspira sewing machine needles in their machines, allowing your machine to perform to it's fullest potential. Inspira's Ball Point Needles are specially crafted with a round tip that enters your stretchy fabrics between the knits preventing snags.

Sizes Available/Size Guide:
Size 70/9 - For sheer knits and synthetics (the thinnest needle for the thinnest fabrics)
Size 80/10 - For lightweight knits and synthetics
Size 90/14 - For medium-weight knits and synthetics (the general purpose needle - most popular)
Size 100/16 - For heavy-weight natural woven fabrics

Assorted Pack - 1 Size 70/9, 2 Size 80/10, 2 Size 90/14